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Starting point: 

How can Architecture, Design, and Engineering (ADE) organisations develop digital capabilities and information systems for efficient delivery and overcome challenges in digital transformation?  

This topic may include consideration of: the opportunities and challenges that ADE firms face when developing digital capability; as well as the development of digital maturity models for ADE firms.  

Project Summary: 

Digital transformation is the act of incorporating technologies into business processes to enhance productivity, automation, and value creation. The Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) sector has seen a surge in technological advancements, resulting in significant cost and efficiency improvements. However, despite the rapid adoption of technology, businesses face barriers to transformation. The lack of a qualified workforce and skills shortage continue to pose significant challenges. Human resource cultivation is crucial in building capabilities where employees not only embrace but also execute and develop further transformation. The two primary educational concerns related to digital transformation are: 

  1. how to provide continuous training for individual competency and career progression, and  
  1. how to evaluate the effectiveness of training and its impact on business success.  

To address these concerns, this project outlines our capability-building approach that leverages lifelong learning. Specifically, a lifelong learning intelligence system will be built to offer personalised roadmaps and course recommendations to professionals, matching high-demand skill sets with relevant courses in a timely fashion. The system also provides AEC organisations with progress tracking and benchmarking to monitor the learning states of their talents. Additionally, the system recommends, visualises, and predicts high-demand skill sets and trends within the industry. The proposed system aims to address the research question: 

How can AEC organisations take advantage of lifelong learning to leverage their human resources to build capability in the age of digital transformation? 

The project will follow a mix of methods at each stage of the research, from embedded study with industry partners to articulate the business problem, to action design research to propose an artefact to resolve the issue. 

PhD Candidate

Chloe Nguyen

PhD Supervisors

Prof Shan Pan
UNSW School of Built Environment

Dr Xiangyu Wang

Enrolled at

UNSW Business School, School of Information Systems and Technology Management